The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music (Sonrisas y Lágrimas)

Musical in Madrid: The Sound of Music (Sonrisas y Lágrimas) arrives to Gran Vía

The Sound of MusicThere are classics that never die. One of them is The Sound of Music, which in Spanish translates as ‘Sonrisas y Lágrimas’. The play, that is expected to be a very successful musical in Madrid, arrives at the Arteria Coliseum, a theatre located at 78 Gran Vía.

The Sound of Music is a story set in Austria during the preceding years to the Second World War. A beautiful, young girl, María, becomes the babysitter of seven children of a widower called Von Trapp a Navy Captain. A special relationship starts to grow between both of them, when they are ultimately faced with Austria’s occupation by the Nazi German Army.

This musical in Madrid is a show of love and the passion for music, personified in Maria. In fact, The Sound of Music is considered to be a masterpiece of this genre with songs that are popular worldwide: ‘Do-Re-Mi’, ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’ and ‘So Long, Farewell’ are just some examples.

The Sound of Music will be on stage indefinitely. The tickets for this musical in Madrid can be purchased online and at the ticket office. Prices are from 19,90 euro to 74,00 euro.