Retromadrid – Retro Video Game Fair – Madrid

Fair in Madrid: Retromadrid, the event for classic videogames lovers

Retromadrid is the most important event for classic video game lovers. This fair in Madrid is being held this year from March 8th to 10th at Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid, where many traditional objects such as consoles and computers will be shown and many activities related to them will be organized.

The current edition of Retromadrid adopt the subtitle “La aventura original” (The original adventure) because this fair in Madrid will pay tribute to the role-playing and interactive fiction games, which had a great development in the 70′s and 80′s.

RetroMadrid - Video Game Fair in Madrid


Of course, this edition of Retromadrid will set an exhibition of the first videogame consoles released four decades ago. Besides watching them, public who come to this fair in Madrid will be able to play with them: Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, Nintendo TV-Game 6, SEGA Master System, Super Nintendo and other examples that have written the history of this genre. Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Zelda or Pac-Man are some of the videogames that visitors will be able to enjoy.

Entrance to this fair is FREE. Matadero Madrid is located in southern Madrid, close to Legazpi Metro Station (Line 3). This fair in Madrid is organized by AUIC (Users’ Association of Classic Informatics).