Rent a car in Madrid

Rent a Car in Madrid

One of the best solutions to move in your holiday is to rent a car in Madrid. Having an automobile in the capital of Spain will let you get to the places where the public transportations don’t arrive or just take longer. Renting a car in Madrid will take you, for example, to the Pardo Mountain, to secondary cities in the region like Alcalá de Henares, Chinchón and Aranjuez or the Guadarrama Mountains.

Anyway, think about how your journeys will be because if you rent a car to move


downtown, this option could be wrong: the capital of Spain is a city with a lot of jams and traffic lights, as well as little space to park. So, Metro, taxi and bus are better to move downtown than to rent a car.

If you are going to visit other cities and towns in the surroundings or explore the nature of the Community of Madrid, to rent a car in Madrid is the best solution: the journeys will take less time and you will be able to plan the excursion without being worry about the timetable of the public transportation. Besides giving you more freedom, to rent a car in the city is sometimes cheaper than to use the train and other options, especially if you are going to travel many kilometres out of the city.

Where to rent a car in Madrid


Car rentals in Madrid is not a problem. The main companies of the sector have offices along the city, especially at the touristic places. The airport and the railway and bus stations host these offices, as well as parking places to pick up and leave the vehicles. Some important avenues and squares are located close to a parking that provides a rent a car in Madrid, such as Plaza de España.
In addition, many websites let you rent a car in Madrid online, having the chance to choose the place to pick up and leave your vehicle. The conditions to rent a car in the city are standard. Ask to your company about the limit of kilometres, the possibility to cross the border with Portugal and France or the period of availability.

Rent a car in Madrid and the roads of the city

To rent a car in Madrid could become a nightmare if you don’t know anything about the roads of the city. Small streets, long avenues and highways are part of the map, so you must rent a car in Madrid that fits your objective better: a compact car if you are going to drive downtown, a MPV if you will drive long distances with your family.

The traffic of the capital of Spain is organized by rings: the first one is an urban ring, consisting in large avenues: Ronda de Toledo, Ronda de Valencia, Ronda de Atocha, Paseo del Prado, Paseo de Recoletos, Paseo de la Castellana, calle Génova, calle Sagasta and Calle Alberto Aguilera. Inside this ring, the circulation gets complicated, so it is better to take the Metro, a taxi or a bus than to rent a car.

However, to rent a car in the city is a good solution if you move away from downtown. In that case, you will find more rings, consisting in highways: the M-30 is an urban highway that surrounds the whole city, the M-40 is a highway that connects the periphery, and the M-45 and M-50 links other cities of the region.

And finally, a tip about your orientation if you are going to rent a car: the Kilometre 0 is located at the Puerta del Sol, just in the centre of the city. So, if you are moving away from the Puerta del Sol, the numbers of the street and the kilometres of the road will increase. If you are approaching to the Puerta del Sol, the numbers and the kilometres will decrease.