Rafael Cerro

Rafael Cerro

During a much hyped presentation in Madrid, Rafael Cerro has a long afternoon. With the muleta, he had his moments, though also found himself in great difficulty while facing his two bulls. He also encountered problems with the sword. In spite of the fact he cut no awards, he was applauded for his effort.

On the other hand, with the capote he showed skill that was overwhelming. He received not one, but both of his bulls on his knees near the gate, for dangerous larga cambianda passes. He delivered outstanding veronicas, as well as chicuelinas and other moves that drew furious support from the fans..

 The work with the capote alone had made many aficionados and critics eager to see him again in Las Ventas. They got their wish.

 Future  novilladas in this gigantic ring have seen him do much better, leaving him to be considered a very bright promise for the future.

 Cerro entered the professional ranks of the fiesta after graduating from the bullfighting school in Badajoz.

 He was born in Navomoral, Spain in 1993.              .

 His style is hard to pinpoint. He is neither a crude valiant type, relying entirely on reckless bravado, nor is he a complete artist, doing classic passes alone in the style of a Manolete. In ring mannerisms, he might remind much older fans of the likes of Jaime Ostos, Espartaco or Linares.

Most people are patient as the watch how Cerro develops. Considered a  master of the capote, improvement with the muleta and sword will come as he gains in experience. In the end, he should develop into quite an attraction. His graduating from the smaller plazas into the major rings has become a big step for him and he has kept up the pace in noble style..

To date, one of his arguably best afternoons has taken place in Zafra, where he unfurled his whole showcase with the capote. This day he also killed well and in the process left a lasting impression upon the aficion.

Rafael CerroAnother triumphant event happened in Sevilla during an important novillada in 2010. where again, he showed amazing mastery with the big capote, as well as other parts of the lidea, where he pulled his act together completely. He cut ears on this presentation and firmly established himself before one of the toughest audiences in the world. He is set to return there in May of this year.

Days like these have overshadowed some of the recent problems seen in his initial  Madrid novillada.

The young torero has  not escaped without major injury already. In Valencia he took a large goring, but recovered with no loss of ability or courage.

Thus, the bullfighting world eyes Rafael Cerro, already an established star with the capote, as he continues to grow in knowledge and improve in the other areas where he will need to, in order to become a true figura. There is a national fan club called the Pena Taurina Rafael Cerro that has members throughout Iberia.

He is one of the newer toreros to watch. The future could well be bright for him. In recent times, he has formed somewhat of a rivalry, with the visiting Mexican torero Sergio Flores and together they have formed some interesting competition.

Likewise, Cerro has been seen in Mexico already and should return soon. Aguascalientes, one of the most important of that country’s bullfighting cities, was a scene where he again excelled. As has become his trademark, he was splendid with the capote.